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Moffat’s Women - Nancy
Nancy is an assertive and caring young woman - a leader, who the homeless children of London look up to with absolute trust. Whether it is using the air raids for a nice meal, forcing Mr Lloyd to let her go after being caught, or singing a transformed soldier to sleep, she is incredibly resourceful and quick on her feet. As a teenage single mother, Nancy has her demons and secrets. But when push comes to shove, she faces them proudly and it is her bravery that saves the world on that day in January 1941.

but, you know, Moffat is clearly sexist.

I think Nancy is a great character.  But did you know that Moffat thought it was a funny joke to call her a “slut” in the DVD commentary for The Doctor Dances? Hey, she’s had a child, therefore she’s had sex, therefore she’s a slut, and obviously what the Doctor should do once he finds that out is proposition her. Ha ha ha.

You can write the occasional good female character and still be sexist.

did you also know that rtd heavily edited the scripts?
did you also know that nobody ever said that moffat fuck up 100% of the time?

Did you also know that RTD specifically stated that he never touches Moffat’s scripts?







My friends decided to take a lovely pic for the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re not gay but they support gay rights

This is the most gangsta shit I have ever seen on tumblr

Not even a little bit sorry for posting color to my uncolored blog. This is amazing.

Literally the third time reblogging this, no regrets

Oh my god ahhahahaha

looking at this whilst listening to the song “fuck you” by lily allen. Too perfect of a moment to not rebog

Am I a shitty friend?

The other day a friend was telling me a story in which a friend of hers got teased by his girlfriend .
When she was finished I said “I would get get annoyed if my girlfriend was teasing me in public too.”
She just stared at me and said “I hope you either meant to say boyfreind or were saying it out of his point of view.”
I couldn’t stop laughing and my friend still wonders if I came out or just were joking.

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